The Best Educational Brain Games For kids

The Best Educational Brain Games For kids

children are future. Meet children’s needs with MentalUP Brain Training Games that helps them to improve their intelligence and discover their potential.

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  • 100+ BRAIN EXERCISES: Memory games, attention, focusing, analytical thinking, visual intelligence and a lot more that you can find it in MentalUP!
  • BRAIN BOOSTER DAILY WORKOUT: Time is valuable. 25-30 minutes daily brain training!
  • PERFORMANCE TRACKING: Easily track your child’s mental development with our rich reporting modules!
  • FOR ALL CHILDREN: MentalUP is suitable for all children regardless of age.
  • PERSONALIZED TRAINING: MentalUP is unique for your child. Brain exercises and mind apps are created according to your child’s age and performance!
  • ALWAYS WITH YOU: MentalUP is on your phone, tablet and pc.
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MentalUP is an effective way of mental development with more than 100 entertaining brain puzzles .

Personalized brain training puzzles that supports personal development, improve intelligence, and gives your kid mental fitness in everyday life.


MentalUP helps you discover your kid’s potential with fun memory challenges that improves his learning ability, Concentration games that develops his attention skills, Visual games that improves his creative thinking. and logic mind games that will enhance his thinking and his problem-solving skills.

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Personalised Educational Games for Kids! Reliable. Scientific. No-Ads. MentalUp games MentalUP educational games

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