Zoomer Chimp Toy

Zoomer Chimp Toy

Zoomer Chimp

Zoomer Chimp! This unpredictable Chimp has a life of his own. Using True Balance Technology it moves just like a real Chimp: on all fours, flipping, standing, and rolling all on his own! Through his moving face, light up eyes and awesome Chimp sounds, he lets you know exactly how he’s feeling. He senses his surroundings and even follows your movements! Train him with one of his 10 easy-to-remember voice commands; tell him to “flip”, “Go Bananas!”, and more. Try “Chimp Talk”, he’ll repeat what you say in his own Chimpy way! Through Progressive Play, the more you train him, the more responses you’ll unlock!

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Zoomer Chimp really moves!

Marvel in amazement as you watch this cool chimp roll, flip, or move on all fours in true chimp fashion, thanks to True Balance Technology! With a little practice, you can even convince him to follow you around! Swing into action with it!

Train Zoomer Chimp using a variety of voice commands!

Zoomer chimp

Watch it carry out your commands, including: ‘stand’, ‘flip’, ‘let’s dance’, ‘chimp talk’, and ‘go bananas’! Plus, Zoomer Chimp has been designed with Progressive Play—a new feature that allows you to unlock more words/phrases as you continue to train and teach him! Progressive Play also ensures that it won’t continually repeat himself and respond in the same way. It’s a sure bet you’ll never be bored with a buddy like this one!

An interactive, intelligent friend!

Zoomer has a fun personality that expresses itself in a variety of unique, interesting ways! From color changing eyes and authentic, moving facial features to realistic, wild chimp sounds, Zoomer Chimp is full of life! With a variety of fun, interactive features, the fun never stops with Zoomer Chimp!

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